Best Low-Calorie Pancakes Recipes!!!

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Very often, we are told that in order to program yourself for a productive day you have to start from your breakfast. When you are finally ready to devote yourself to such a habit – the new question arises – what would be good for healthy breakfast? The truth is that many of you may vote for pancakes, but those of you who are counting their calories may already know that such a breakfast will be high in empty calories and that is not a very good thing.

That is why we decided to present to your attention list of best low-calorie pancake recipes. Do not worry, if you are not a fan of sweet pancakes – we have some other worthy ideas in mind too.


  • Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 acids that is why it is nice to begin your day with them.
  • Just soak a handful of those in the pancake liquids and carry on with usually steps to prepare pancakes.
  • Serve the dish with blueberries and lemon zest and a portion will take only 365 calories of your daily intake but you will be feeling full for quite period.


  • It is a known fact that veggies are good for you that is why adding some to your morning pancakes can be a pretty good idea, especially if you are not a sweet tooth kind of person.
  • Just add some spinach, grape tomatoes and goat cheese to your usual pancake recipe and enjoy the healthy breakfast worth 379 calories per portion.


  • In case you can’t decide between pancakes or egg – just combine them!
  • Just make some whole grain pancakes with scallion and top them with a sunny-side-up egg. That is it!


  • Make some whole-wheat pastry flour pancakes with the addition of Greek yogurt if you look for a super light breakfast.
  • Add some strawberries and vanilla extract for better taste and look!


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