FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer – Causing Arsenic

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Arsenic is a toxic chemical known to have carcinogenic properties, and when taken in high doses, it can have fatal consequences.

His presence in chicken meat sold in supermarkets has long been a secret, but the FDA has finally discovered a secret.

According to FDA findings,

Half of the chickens surveyed had an inorganic arsenic in their liver, which is the highest toxic form of these carcinogenic chemicals.

In individuals who consume large amounts of rice containing arsenic, major changes occur in the cells that lead to the development of cancer, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

According to the latest reports, when swallowed, arsenic causes Boven’s disease (squamous cell carcinoma), and even internal organs, including the lungs, kidneys, urinary bladder, liver.

According to the University of South Carolina, arsenic, just like mercury and lead, has extremely harmful effects on fetuses and children.

In addition, experts say that arsenic has 4 times more toxic effects than mercury. For example, Arsen As + 3 is 60 times more toxic than the toxic petal As + 5.

The most important problem in all of this is actually the origin of arsenic that is added to the chicken. Namely, arsenic deliberately mixes with chicken food.

In 2006, more than 70% of chickens were fed arsenic in order to stimulate faster growth and added that chicken, turkey, and pork would have a more attractive color.

As a result, Pfizer was asked to stop the production of Roksarson, a drug that contains toxic arsenic and which is added to chicken meat to make it look thicker and have a nice pink color.

“The agency said it had recently conducted a study on 100 chickens in which a high level of inorganic arsenic has been detected. Chickens were treated with a 3-nitro chemical. Pfizer said that the sale of this chemical would be halted for chicken farms and we will switch other treatments, “The Wall Street Journal reported.

Regardless of the fact that this product has been recalled in stores throughout the US, the FDA continues to claim that the chicken contains a safe amount of arsenic and that it is safe to eat.


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