Here Are 23 Ways To Burn Belly Fat Without Leaving Your House!!!

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Although we would all prefer to have the time for a regular training practice and a strict diet, it’s just that the hours of the day are sometimes too short.

However, there are many things you can do to contribute to a healthier lifestyle, without starving yourself or feeling guilty about missing out on your workout schedule.

Take a look at these 40 ways in which you can get rid of excess weight and still stay fit:

Eat slowly

  • Overeating can happen to anyone, but the trick is to eat slowly and make the time of 15-25 minutes to eat properly.
  • In such a way, the body hormones are stimulated faster which later encourages better digestion.

Stair climbing

  • Burning calories has never been as easy as with stair climbing.
  • Take a few minutes per day to commit to this practice and make the most of it each and every time.
  • You can also use stairs to stretch properly.

A good night’s sleep

  • As per many studies, sleeping has a lot to do with the weight loss process.
  • Experts from the University of Michigan showed that if you add just one more hour to your sleep, you can amount up to 13-pound weight loss.
  • This applies to people who consume no more than 2,500 calories per day.

Focus on vegetables

  • More vegetables mean faster digestion, which ultimately leads to faster weight loss.
  • Steer clear of dressings that contain plenty of fats but go well with your veggies.
  • Make sure to choose vegetables rich in water, fiber and plenty of vitamins and minerals.


  • Soup represents a healthy way of staying full without consuming unnecessary fats.
  • Bone soup or stew is highly recommended, especially if it’s combined with a handful of healthy veggies.
  • Some other good options are tortilla soup, wonton, or minestrone.

Consume Protein-Rich Foods

  • Proteins are crucial for the everyday diet.
  • Proteins are able to boost the weight loss process while suppressing cravings and hunger.
  • There is a variety of protein-rich foods you could use, such as almonds, chicken breasts, quinoa, lentils, Greek yogurt, and fish.

Consume Fiber-Rich Foods

  • Fiber-packed foods prevent the body from craving unhealthy products and keep the fullness sensation for a longer period of time.
  • Fiber, especially viscous fiber, is especially relevant to the weight loss process.
  • Include more fiber-based foods, including oat cereals, flax seeds, beans, Brussels sprouts, oranges, and asparagus.

Consume Whole Grains

  • A wide range of whole grains, including brown rice, buckwheat, oats, and barley, can contribute to the weight loss process.
  • You can achieve the same with other products, like English muffins, pizza crust, waffles, and waffles.

Reduce Sugary Drinks

  • Reduce the intake of regular soda and replace it with tea or water.
  • If you find this difficult, add some citrus fruit or mint to spring or carbonated water for a taste treat.

Liquid intake

  • To drink less, always use a thin, tall glass.
  • Short and wide glasses actually contain more than a tall glass, which contains 25% less than the usual content.

Italian way of eating

  • Italians have amazing bodies and it is all due to their fabulous nutrition.
  • Do your research and learn how Italians can eat pizza and pasta and still remain slim.

“Skinny” outfit awareness

  • Take a piece of clothing that doesn’t suit you like it did before, without being too small for you.
  • Hang it nearby to remind you of your goal on daily basis.
  • Choose a piece of clothing that can soon for you if you put in the effort.

Less Alcohol

  • Alcohol consumption is not advised at all while trying to lose weight.
  • It contains seven calories per gram and boosts the hunger and cravings.

10 Minutes Pilates at Home

  • Pilates is amazing for building a muscle mass and a strong core.
  • There are very easy exercises you can do at home, so make sure you incorporate some in your everyday workout regime.

Drink Green Tea

  • Green tea enhances the metabolism performance and leads to fast weight loss.
  • Make it a daily habit to drink at least one cup of green tea.

Do Yoga

  • Yoga encourages weight loss and brings a piece of mind.
  • Many experts advise that yoga needs to become your everyday routine, so feel free to go for it.

Homemade Meals

  • Make sure to cook at home at least four times a week.
  • That will enable you to use the ingredients you want while paying attention to everything you put inside your body.

Chew Mint-Flavored Gum

  • Sugarless, mint-flavored gums can prevent the cravings from reoccurring while helping you stay full for longer periods of time.

Skip the meat

  • Bee, bacon, and pork need to become strangers while you are trying to lose weight.
  • As far as meat is concerned, you can consume turkey that is both yummy and offers plenty of health benefits.
  • Aside from turkey, you can also consume fish.
  • Combine these with potatoes, tomatoes, mustard, roasted peppers, and banana to enhance their flavor.

Go for smaller dishes

  • Eating from a smaller-in-content plate can increase weight loss.
  • Make sure to consume 100 to 200 calories a day.
  • This brings a wonderful weight loss of 23 pounds per year!

Food portion awareness

  • Portion control is, in fact, quite relevant for the body and weight loss as well.
  • Measuring the right content and components will help you stay organized and on track with your diet.

“Eating Pause”

  • Eating pauses happen when you are not able to continue eating for the time being, and you set your fork aside.
  • This is also when you need to stop eating for the meal.
  • This is your body signaling your brain that it is full.


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