Here Are 8 Advice To Make Your Hair Look Gorgeous!!!

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Almost every girl faces this complicated problem: should she wake up earlier to style her hair or sleep a bit longer and do a basic ponytail? We suggest that you no longer choose between these options: now you can have enough sleep and wear the perfect hairstyle!

Read our tips to see how to work with both long and short hair.


1. Use silk pillowcases.

  • If you want your hair to be gorgeous without putting in any effort, replace cotton pillowcases with silk or satin ones.
  • They absorb moisture slower and their smooth surface will reduce rubbing, helping you to “save” your hairstyle. Don’t believe us?


2. Make a topknot.

  • To get a beautiful and simple hairstyle, tie your slightly wet hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head, wrap it around, and tuck the ends underneath after it’s gone all the way around.
  • The hair will dry anyway and you’ll get voluminous hair.
  • It’s also recommended to use a smooth hair tie.  For more details, click here.


3. Use hairpins.

  • You don’t have to perm your hair if you want it to be curly.
  • Before going to bed, apply some hair setting lotion.
  • Then divide your hair into sections and twist each lock around a pin.
  • If you have long hair, you can also use bobby pins to secure the hair.


4. Use a scarf.

  • If you’re tired of your fluffy hair, before bedtime, moisturize and brush your hair and wrap it with a satin scarf.
  • It’ll prevent your hair from rubbing, and you’ll wake up with a beautiful hairstyle. 


5. Make 2 buns.

  • Apply some oil or conditioner to your slightly wet hair and divide it into 2 sections.
  • Wrap your locks around your finger and dry with a hairdryer.
  • Make 2 loose buns behind your ears and secure them with pins.
  • In the morning, let your hair down and apply some texture spray.


6. Replace hard accessories with smooth ones.

  • To make curly hair, try to use simple pieces of fabric instead of rollers.
  • Separate your hair into sections, twist them around strips of fabric, and tie the fabric strips. In the morning, remove the strips and apply some hairspray.


7. Make cocoons.

  • Another method to get curly hair is to make cocoons.
  • Separate your hair into sections and apply some hair gel.
  • Then twist all sections and secure them with pins or hair ties. 


8. Use the correct hairbrush.


  • So as not to ruin your hairstyle and make it look gorgeous again, use a brush with different types of bristles.
  • Bonus: How to cut short hair at home
  • First of all, get your hair ready by washing and drying it.
  • Then you have to comb your hair into sections (see the picture above). Follow these steps:
  • Divide your hair into 2 sections at the top of the head where it begins to round.
  • Comb 1 section down from the crown of your head to your forehead and comb another section from the crown of your head to your neck.
  • Then lift the hair at a 90-degree angle and cut the section that extends to your forehead. Continue cutting hair until you’ve trimmed the entire front and back sections.
  • Then part your hair down the middle and trim the sides of your hair carefully using the same method.



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