Scientists Say: There is a Way to Reverse the Ageing Process

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Usually when we think about age we think about years, but years are not the real age of a person.

Every person has two very different ages, one is chronological and the second is biological. Chronological age is the one we know and we tell when someone asks us. This age is is very easy to see. This is just the number of years a person has been in this world.

On the other hand, biological age is more complicated and not easy to tell. It shows how old is the body of a person is. Two people can have the same chronological age but different biological age.

According to science, you could find out your biological age using the protective ends of the chromosomes.

Moreover, this knowledge could be used to reverse the process of ageing. These ends are called telomeres.  They can stop chromosomes’ ends from degenerating. This has an effect on the life of the body cells.

The length of the telomeres is an indicator of our biological age. Whenever a cell divides, the head of the telomeres falls out.

By measuring the telomeres, one can determinate the age of a person. But this can only be determinate only scientifically, not by our own.

Anyways, there is a simple way to find out the biological age on our own.

First you need to stand and place the feet one to another. After this, you should bend the hips and you should extend each arm in the same direction of the ground. Can you touch your feet?

Stand up and place your feet one next to the other. Then, bend at the hips and extend your arms in the direction of the floor. Then, see if you can touch your feet or the ground. In case it starts getting uncomfortable, slightly bend your knees.

In case if you can touch your feet, your body is young and flexible. Your biological age is under 25 years.

If you can barely touch your feet without bending your knees, but with pain, your biological age is about 35 years.

If you can touch your feet but you have to bend your knees, your biological age is 38 up to 50 years.

And if you can’t reach your feet even if you bend your knees, your body is over 50 years old.

The good news is that you can make your body younger. You can do this by exercise and stretch. If you start to be more active on a daily base you can reverse your biological age and make your body younger.

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