These 5 Simple Exercises Will Help You Transform Your Body

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A fit and healthy body can be only acquired if you work hard on it and eat healthy food. There aren’t any magic potions which can help you in an instant to achieve this.

You just need the amazing combo: healthy food and regular exercise!

Exercising regularly can help us with amazing health benefits:

Treat different chronic conditions: anxiety, heart problems, diabetes, body energy, fatigue

You stimulate the fat burning and the fat cells shrink

You stimulate your brain and improve your memory, improve the learning skills, fight depression etc.

Control the levels of blood sugar

Support your blood flow, improve your skin, transport various nutrients and oxygen through your body better

Control the levels of blood sugar

Prevent depression and stimulate chemicals in your brain: dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, norepinephrine

It makes your lifespan longer, but also decreases aging; your body cells will age more slowly

Here are 5 exercises that will help you how you feel and look in only 1 month!


It’s a workout for your whole body which will help you obtain a well-toned six-pack. Begin by being in a push-up position.

Your elbows have to be bent at 90 degrees. The body will be supported on them, but also on your forearms and forefeet. Hold it like that for 1 minute.


These are amazing for all of your muscles and will offer you amazing effects if you do them regularly.


Squats are amazing for strong quads, hams and calves and they also strengthen your core. They should be done very slowly. Your face should be forward and your spine straight. The hips should be in a parallel with the floor.


It’s an exercise that will strengthen your lower back as well as the abs. Begin by being in a plank position. Your body has to be supported on the knees as well as the hands.

One arm and one leg should be stretched on the opposite side. Remain like this for a while. Do the same for your other arm and leg.

Lying hip raises

With this one, you’ll tone the thighs, hamstrings, back, abs and glute muscles. Lie down on the floor. Bend your knees and put the feet on the ground.

Your arms should be stretched towards the outside at an angle of 45 degrees. Lift your hips while you “squeeze” the glute muscles.

This is our suggestion for a 4-week plan to follow. It comes with 2 basic workouts that are different:

1st Workout

Plank for 1 minute;

Push-ups for 1 minute;

Squats for 2 minutes;

Bird-dog for 1 minute;

Lying hip raises for 1 minute;

Plank for 1 minute;

Push-ups for 1 minute;

Squats for 2 minutes

Make a break of 10 seconds between the exercises.

2nd Workout

Plank for 3 minutes;

Bird-dog for 3 minutes;

Lying hip raises for 3 minutes;

Push-ups for 1 minute

Make a break of 15 seconds between the exercises.

1st Week

Day 1– 1st Workout

Day 2 – 2nd Workout

Day 3 – 1st Workout

Day 4 – 2nd Workout

Day 5 – 1st Workout

Day 6 – 2nd Workout

Day 7– rest

2nd Week

Day 1 – 2nd Workout

Day 2– 1st Workout

Day 3– 2nd Workout

Day 4 – 1st Workout

Day 5 – 2nd Workout

Day 6– 1st Workout

Day 7 – rest

Start everything again for a period of 2 weeks more. Your body will be healthier, more toned and stronger than ever!

Don’t hesitate to try this now!


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