You May Have Thought That The Normal Blood Pressure Is 120/80 – You Are Wrong!

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You may think that the normal blood pressure is 120 over 80! You are totally wrong. The ESC Association claims something else. New researches show that 90 diastolic and 140 systolic is normal (so 90 is the bottom and 140 is top measurement  number) .

The measurement does not include  people who suffer from diabetes and elderly people. Their maximum limit is actually 130 over 80.

Recently, 139 over 89 was considered as hypertension and doctors recommended to people with this kind of pressure to take medicines in order to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

The low blood pressure should not be lower than 90 mmHg – systolic and lower than 60 mmHg – diastolic. Moreover, the dangerous low blood pressure is over  50 mmHg diastolic and 80 mmHg systolic. If there is a sudden drop of the blood pressure, you should go to the doctor’s.

Don’t worry if there is lower blood pressure, if there are not alarming symptoms such as abnormal heart rates, dizziness, headaches.

The hypertension can easily be noticed if you are aware of the normal blood pressure range for you. This is really important.

Actually, the hypertension is a condition that causes the development of a lot of dangerous health issues and problems. It is really important to treat it and diagnose as soon as possible.

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